The elbum Show Playlist w/c 5th March 2018

Manic Street Preachers – “Distant Colours” from album Resistance Is Futile
Maverick – “Goodbye” from album Cold Star Dancer
No Hot Ashes – “Boulders” from album No Hot Ashes
Signal Red – “Defiant” from album Under the Radar
W.E.T. – “Urgent” from album Earthrage
Auri – “The Space Between” from album Auri
Corey Hunt Band – “Wild Heart Gypsy” from EP North or Low Water
Dead of Night – “Seraphim” from album The Evolving Science Of Self
Last Autumn’s Dream – “Go!”? from album Fourteen
Lo Moon – “The Right Thing” from album Lo Moon
Lance Lopez – “Down to One Bar” from album Tell the Truth
The Magic Numbers – “Sweet Divide” from album Outsiders
Perfect Plan – “In and out of Love” from album All Rise
Stone Temple Pilots – “The Art of Letting Go” from album Stone Temple Pilots
Amy Wadge – “Live or Die Love” from Walking Disaster EP
Kyle Craft – “Heartbreak junkey” from Full Circle
Joan as Policewoman – “What Was It Like” from Damned Devotion
PHI – “Amber” from Cycles
Michelle Malone – “Boxing Glove” from Slings and Arrows
Jonathan Wilson – “Hard To Get Over” from Rare Birds
Frequency Drift – “Sleep Paralysis” from Letters to Maro


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