Radio Croline show 4th June 2022 playlist.

4 Jun 1984, ,Bruce Springsteen released the album, ‘Born In The USA’, which became the best-selling album of 1985 in the United States (and also Springsteen’s most successful album ever). The album produced a record-tying string of seven Top 10 singles
track: cover me

3 Jun 1970, , Deep Purple released their fourth studio album ‘Deep Purple In Rock’. This was the first album to feature the classic Mk II lineup of – Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Gillan, Roger Glover, Jon Lord and Ian Paice.
track: living wreck

3 Jun 1977, , Bob Marley & the Wailers released Exodus. The album featured the hits, ‘Jamming’, ‘Waiting In Vain’, ‘Three Little Birds’ and ‘One Love’. In 1999, Time magazine named Exodus the best album of the 20th century.
track: guiltiness

3 Jun 1942,80, American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer Curtis Mayfield. He was a member of The Impressions, who had the 1965 US No.7 single ‘Lilies Of The Field’. As a solo artist the 1971 UK No.12 single ‘Move On Up’, and the 1972 US No.4 single ‘Freddie’s Dead, Theme From Superfly’. He died on December 26th 1999.New World Order is R&B/soul singer-songwriter Curtis Mayfield’s final studio album
track: back to living again

3 Jun 1950, 72,American rock singer-songwriter Suzi Quatro, who had the 1973 UK No.1 single ‘Can The Can’, plus 10 other UK Top 40 singles, and the 1979 US No.4 single with Chris Norman, Stumblin’ In’. Quatro was the first female bass player to become a major rock star, breaking a barrier to women’s participation in rock music. her 17th solo album No Control (2019)
track: macho blues

3 Jun 1939,83 , English musician Ian Hunter, vocals, guitar with Mott The Hoople, who had the 1972 UK No.3 & US No.37 single ‘All The Young Dudes’ which was written for them by David Bowie. Other hits include, ‘All the Way from Memphis’ and ‘Roll Away the Stone’. As a solo artist he had the 1975 UK No.14 single ‘Once Bitten twice Shy’ and later was one half of Hunter Ronson with Mick Ronson. He wrote the book Diary Of A Rock ‘n’ Roll Star.2016 Fingers Crossed (with The Rant Band)
track: thats when the trouble starts

5 Jun 2007, Sir Paul McCartney released his 21st solo album, ‘Memory Almost Full’ on the new Hear Music Starbucks label. It was later announced that all copies sold through UK Starbucks would not be eligible for the UK charts as the 533 stores were not registered with the Official Chart Company. The album was being played non-stop in more than 10,000 Starbucks outlets across 29 countries.
track: vintage clothes


4 Jun 1967, The Beatles started a 23 week run at No.1 on the UK album chart with Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Recorded over a 129-day period beginning in December 1966, the album widely regarded as one of the greatest of all time, includes songs such as ‘Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds’ and ‘A Day in the Life’.
track: “Within You Without You”

3 Jun 2006, Red Hot Chili Peppers were at No.1 on the UK and US album charts with Stadium Arcadium the bands ninth studio album.
track: strip my mind

…Meanwhile is the tenth studio album by the British rock band 10cc, released in 1992. It was the band’s first in nine years and marked the brief comeback of the original 10cc members Kevin Godley and Lol Creme.
track: “Wonderland”

bob Welch . (August 31, 1945 – June 7, 2012) was an American musician who was a member of Fleetwood Mac from 1971 to 1974.French Kiss is the solo debut by former Fleetwood Mac singer/guitarist Bob Welch Released 16 September 1977
track: “Mystery Train”

Big Brother and the Holding Company is an American rock band that formed in San Francisco in 1965 , Big Brother & the Holding Company is the debut album of Big Brother and the Holding Company, with Janis Joplin, their main singer. Recorded during three days in December 1966 for Mainstream Records, it was released in the summer of 1967,
track: down on me

Disraeli Gears is the second studio album by the British rock band Cream. It was released in November 1967
track: “Sunshine of Your Love”

Christopher Cross his 8th album , 2000 Red Room
track: curled around the world

hour 2
Duke is the tenth studio album by English rock band Genesis, released in March 1980
track: behind the lines

Back to Front is the tenth album by English progressive rock band Caravan, released in 1982.
track: “Bet You Wanna Take It All / Hold On, Hold On”

In the Eye of the Storm is the first solo album by former Supertramp member Roger Hodgson.Released October 1984 (LP); december 7, 1984 (CD)
track: Give Me Love, Give Me Life”

Family Entertainment is the second album by the British progressive rock band Family, released in March 1969
track: the weavers answer

Ship of Memories (1977), is the sixth studio album from the Dutch rock band Focus, released in 1976 It’s a compilation album
track:”Can’t Believe My Eyes”

Talk is the fourteenth studio album by the English progressive rock band Yes. It was released on 21 March 1994
track: Where Will You Be”

Barclay James Harvest, their 11th album, turn of the Tide,Released: May 1981
track: life is for living

Camel are an English progressive rock band formed in Guildford, Surrey, in 1971, their 15th album A Nod and a Wink
Released: 2002
track: fox hill

Chance is Manfred Mann’s Earth Band’s tenth album, released in 1980
track: Lies (Through the 80s)

The Other Side of Life is the twelfth studio album by English progressive rock band the Moody Blues, released in 1986
track: “Rock ‘n’ Roll Over You

hour 3
Keep the Fire is the third studio album by American singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins, released in 1979.
track: this is it

Kenneth Loggins is an American guitarist, singer and’s About Time is the twelfth studio album released by American singer-songwriter Kenny Loggins. Released in 2003
track: alive and kicking

What Were Once Vices Are Now Habits is the fourth studio album by American rock band The Doobie Brothers. The album was released on February 1, 1974,
track: “Another Park, Another Sunday”

Long Road Out of Eden is the seventh and most recent studio album by American rock band the Eagles, released in 2007
track: “Long Road Out of Eden”

Stephen Arthur Stills (born January 3, 1945)[2] is an American musician, singer and songwriter best known for his work with Buffalo Springfield and Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young.Stephen Stills is the debut solo album by American musician Stephen Stills released on Atlantic Records in 1970
trackL love the one you’re with


Christopher Rea is an English rock and blues singer-songwriter and guitarist from Middlesbrough, England.Water Sign is the fifth studio album by British singer-songwriter Chris Rea, released in 1983
track: deep water

Dan Fogelberg(August 13, 1951 – December 16, 2007) was an American musician, songwriter, composer, and multi-instrumentalist.River of Souls is the twelfth album by American singer-songwriter Dan Fogelberg, released in September 1993
track: magic every moment

England Dan & John Ford Coley were an American soft rock duo composed of Danny Wayland “England Dan” Seals and John Edward “John Ford” Coley, active throughout the 1970s.Nights Are Forever is the fourth album by the pop rock duo England Dan & John Ford ColeyReleased July 1976
track: “Nights Are Forever Without You”

Back Home is the seventeenth solo studio album by Eric Clapton. It was released 29 August 2005
track: Piece of my heart

Gary Malcolm Wright (born April 26, 1943) is an American singer, songwriter, musician, and composer best known for his 1976 hit songs “Dream Weaver” and “Love Is Alive” his 7th album 1981 The Right Place (1981)
track: really want to know you

It’s a Beautiful Day is an American band formed in San Francisco, California, in 1967 , It’s a Beautiful Day is the self-titled debut album by San Francisco band It’s a Beautiful Day.Released June 1969
track: “Hot Summer Day”