Radio Caroline Show Playlist 19th August 2017

Hour 1

Jimi Hendrix -Stonefree- (Are You Experienced)
Cream -Those were the Days- (Wheels of Fire)
The Doors -Strange Days- (Strange Days)
Nickleback -Coin for the Ferry Man- (Feed the Machine)
Mr Big -Nothing Bad- (Defying Gravity)
Rolling Stones -Can’t you hear me Knocking- (Sticky Fingers)
Isley Brothers/Santana -Love, Peace, Happiness- (Power of Peace)
Gary Wright -Really wanna know You- (The Right Place)
Nick Drake -Man in a Shed- (Five leaves Left)
Linkin Park -One More Light- (One more Light)
Hannah’s Yard -Doin’ it for Myself- (Beginnings)
Joni Mitchell -Shiny Toys- (Dog Eat Dog)
Blind Faith -Can’t find my way Home- (Blind Faith)
Bruce Cockburn -Looking and Waiting- (Bone on Bone)

Hour 2

Joe Jackson -It’s different for Girls- (I’m the Man)
Rod Stewart -Drift Away- (Atlantic Crossing)
The Cure -All cats are Gray- (Faith)
GospelbeacH -I don’t wanna lose You- (Another Summer of Love)

Nick Heyward -Love is the key by the Sea- (Woodland Echos)
Sting -Desert Rose- (Brand New Day)
Seal -Amazing- (System)
HEAT -Into the great Unknown- (Into The Great Unknown)
Read Butler -You only live Once- (Nothing to Lose)
Ben Poole -Over it Now- (Let’s Go Upstairs)
King King -Nobody knows your Name- (Exile and Grace)
The Who -Bargain- (Who’s Next)
Genesis -Anything she Does- (Invisible Touch)

Hour 3

Cairo -Back from the Wilderness- (Say)
Karibow -Inside You- (From here to the Impossible)
Mostly Autumn -No Sense- (Sight of Day)
Magenta -I’m Alive- (Essential)
Procol Harum -I told on You- (Novum)
Yes -Hour of Need- (Fly from Here)
Caravan -Behind You- (Better by Far)
Camel -Uneven Song- (Raindances)
Barclay James Harvest -Spirit on the Water- (Gone to Earth)
Tangerine Dream -220 Volts- (Arizona)