Radio Caroline Show Playlist 12th August 2017

Hour 1

Dartl Stuermer -Breaking Point- (Go)
Chester Thompson -Raw- (A Joyful Noise)
Genesis -Domino- (Live over Europe)
David Bray -This bar inherits the Meek- (Night Rains)
Treor Sewell -Stand next to Him- (Calling Nashville)
Devon Allman -When I left Home- (Turquoise)
Richard Thompson -Good things happen- (Electric)
Robin Trower -If you believe in Me- (Time and Emotion)
Blossoms -Deep Grass- (Blossoms)
Mr Big -Nothing Bad- (Defying Gravity)

Hour 2

TRex -The Slider- (The Slider)
Joni Mitchell -Woodstock live- (Miles of Isles)
Porcupine Tree -The sound of Muzak- (In Absentia)
Lonely Robot -False Lights- (The Big Dream)

Kate Bush -Rubberband Girl- (The Red Shoes)
Kim Seviour -Morning of the Soul- (Recovering is Learning)
Linkin Park -Talking to Myself- (One More Light)
Prefab Sprout -Sweet Gospel Music-(Lets change the world with Music)
Pretenders -Pick it Up- (Pretenders II)
Ten -A man for all Seasons- (Gothica)
Exit Eden -Question of Time- (Rhaposodies in Black)
Panic Room -Moon on the Water- (Visionary Position)

Hour 3

Mystery -Shadow of the Lake- (Destiny)
United Progressive Fraternity -Intersection- (Fall in love with the World)
Unitopia -Inside the Power- (The Garden)
Southern Empire -Dreams and Machines- (Southern Empire)
Yes -Dreamtime- (Magnification)
Asia -Wildest Dreams- (Asia)
Rush -Ghost of a Chance- (Roll the Bones)
Gordon Gilltrap -Rainbells- (Airwaves)