Radio Caroline Show 2nd July 2022 playlist.

hour 1

4 Jul 1995, The debut album by Foo Fighters was released. Dave Grohl wrote and recorded the entire album himself,Foo Fighters is the debut studio album
track: “I’ll Stick Around”

1 Jul 1968. The Band released their debut album Music From Big Pink. The album, which features their first hit single ‘The Weight’, was recorded in studios in New York and Los Angeles in 1968, and followed the group’s backing of Bob Dylan on his 1966 tour (as The Hawk
track: “Chest Fever”

2015 end of year.

  1. 22 1/2 Sufjan Stevens, American singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, the seventh studio album by American musician Sufjan Stevens. It was released on March 31, 2015
    track: – All Of Me Wants All Of You
  2. 21 4 Husky an indie folk band from Melbourne, Australia. Released: 17 October 2014 their 2nd album
    track: – Saint Joan
  3. 15 5 Zervas & Pepper, musical duo from Cardiff, Wales, who formed in late 2007, their 3rd album <Abstract Heart
    track: – we are one/

currently no 39, Def Leppard are an English rock band formed in 1977 in Sheffield.Diamond Star Halos is the twelfth studio album by the English rock band Def Leppard. It was released on 27 May 2022
track: “Lifeless” (featuring Alison Krauss)

currently no 19 Feeder are a British rock band formed in Newport in 1994.Torpedo is the eleventh studio album by Welsh rock band Feeder, released on 18 March 2022
track: hide and seek


2 Jul 1988, Tracy Chapman started a three-week run at No.1 on the UK album chart with her self-titled debut LP. Helped by her performance at the ‘Nelson Mandela’s 70th Birthday Tribute Concert’ at Wembley Stadium, also No.1 in the US.
track: mountains of things

Train is an American rock band from San Francisco which was formed in 1993. AM Gold is the ninth studio album by Train, released through Columbia Records on May 20, 2022
track: Turn the Radio Up” (featuring Jewel)

Xander and the Peace Pirates today release their eagerly anticipated 10-track album ‘Order Out Of Chaos’. If you’re a lover of rock and soul, subtle riffs that haunt and send the listener, stunning vocals and guitar mastery, beguiling and infectious melodies,
track: leave the light on

Hardwicke Circus Hailing from the windswept hills of Carlisle, The Borderland , 2021
track: let’s make new mistakes

Into the Wild is the 22nd studio album by the British rock band Uriah Heep. It was first released in Japan on 12 April 2011, Mick Box Born 9 June 1947 (age 75)
track: Kiss of Freedom” (Lanzon)

Metalogy is a four CD + single DVD boxed set released by heavy metal band Judas Priest in 2004
track: “Never Satisfied”

hour 2

Octoberon is the seventh studio album by Barclay James Harvest, released in 1976. In 2003 a remastered CD was issued with five bonus tracks.
track: The World Goes On

Breathless is the sixth studio album by the English progressive rock band Camel, released in 1978.
track: “You Make Me Smile

Transatlantic is a multinational progressive rock supergroup consisting of Neal Morse (ex–Spock’s Beard), Roine Stolt (Kaipa, the Flower Kings), Pete Trewavas (Marillion, Edison’s Children) and Mike Portnoy (ex–Dream Theater). They formed in 1999 as a side project to their full-time bands, The Absolute Universe is the fifth studio album of the progressive rock supergroup Transatlantic, released on February 5, 2021
track: Heart Like a Whirlwind”

ILLUMINAE were founded by two well-known artists in UK progressive rock scene – Ian JONES (KARNATAKA, CHASING THE MONSOON) and Agnieszka ŚWITA (CAAMORA), DARK HORIZONS Studio Album, released in 2021
track:Sign of Infinity

RPWL is a German progressive rock band. God Has Failed – Live & Personal (2021), re recored 2000 album

track: in your dreams


Lithuania’s award – winning progressive rock band The Skys, To date the band have released six albums, Automatic Minds” (2019)
track: love of life

Spriggan Mist, released their 6th studio album ‘Isambard The Mechanical Dragon’ in April 2022
track: Isambard the Mechanical Dragon

Solstice are a neo-progressive, folk rock band formed in 1980 in Milton Keynes, England. They are led by guitarist Andy Glass, who is the sole founding member still in the band, theur 2nd album New Life (1993)
track: new life

Mostly Autumn are an English rock band. The group formed in 1995 and have built their reputation through constant touring,[5][6][7] never signing to a major label. their 14th studio album Graveyard Star (2021)
track: the diamond
Covered Mirror Vol. 1 – Smooth As Silk is a music studio album recording by UNITOPIA
track: man of colours

hour 3

the milk men,a band made up from the cream of British R’n’B talent and pedigree. their 2020 album deliverence
track: when the blues keeps calling

The Mentulls ; Profile: British rock band formed in 2008.Recipe For Change 2021 their 4th album
track: learning through living

Mass Hysteria’ marks Doris Brendel and Lee Dunham’s fourth joint album venture, Released: 2020
track: it’s never too late

Deborah Bonham, English rock and blues vocalist and the sister of John Bonham, the late drummer for the band Led Zeppelin.Deborah Bonham and Peter Bullick, along with their band and special guests, have recorded a new Blues, Rock and Soul inspired 13 track album Bonham-Bullick, 2022
track: see you again

When Rivers Meet is an English blues / rock band formed in 2016 in Essex, England by husband and wife duo, Grace and Aaron Bond, We Fly Free (2020)
track: did i break the law

currently no 23, Dom Martin is a Belfast-born, multi award-winning artist, inspired but not constrained by the blues. his 2nd album A Savage Life 2022
track: 12 gauge


4 Jul 1948, 74, Jeremy Spencer, guitar, Fleetwood Mac, who had the 1969 UK No.1 single ‘Albatross’. Left the band during a 1971 US tour saying he was going out to buy a newspaper. He was found two days later in LA at the Children of God headquarters with his hair shaved off. mr wonderfull second studio album by British blues rock band Fleetwood Mac, released on 23 August 1968.
track: i’ve lost my baby

Crow Black Chicken is a three-piece blues-rock band from Cork and Clonmel, Ireland, their 3rd album 2016 Pariah Brothers
track: Pat McManus

Pat McManus & Eric McFadden – Two Big Mc’s Live At Patrimonio, Released: 2020
track: La Grange

eric clapton, 2022 Nothing but the Blues, Released: 24 June 2022
track: blues all day long

Joanne Shaw Taylor (born 1985, England)[5] is a British blues rock singer and guitarist , blues from the heart live 2022
track: keep on lovin me