Mystery Train Show 1st October 2017

On 10 pm till Midnight


Tracks Played on The Mystery Train Show 1st October 2017

Bob Welch -Mystery Train- (French Kiss)
Enya – Trains and Winter Trains- (And Winter Came)
David Crosby -Music Is Love- (If I could only remember my Name)
David Crosby -Sky Trails- (Sky Trails)

Blackmore’s Night -Spirit of the Sea- (Shadow of the Moon)
Blackheart Orchestra -Wake Up- (Diving for Roses)
Mermaid Kiss -The Trail of Tears- (Another Country)
London Grammer -Hey Now- (If You Want)

Megson -Working Life Out- (The Longshot)

Karnataka -Forbidden Dreams- (Secrets of Angels)
Zero She Flies -Riverboat- (The River)

Tangerine Dream -Last Train to Osaka- (Kyoto)
Magic Music – Eldorado Canyon- (Magic Music)
America -Wind Wave- (Hat Trick)
Mary-Jess -Lighthouse of Mine- (Shine)
Carousel -Porcelain- (Carousel)

Kenny Loggins -This Island Earth- (The Unimaginable Life)
Dan Fogalberg -Ever On- (Portrate)
Nick Drake -River Man- (Five Leaves Left)

Anathema -Close Your Eyes- (The Optomist)
Moth Vellum -Let The Race Begin- (Moth Vellum)