Radio Caroline Show Playlist 30th September 2017

Hour 1

Seal -Fly like an Eagle- (Space Seal Jam)
Steve Miller Band -Fly like an Eagle- (Fly like an Eagle)
The Killers -Life to Come- (Wonderful Wonderful)
Elles Bailey -Same Flame- (Wildfire)
Fleetwwod Mac -Woman of a 1000 years- (Future Games)
Bob Welch -Easy to Fall- (French Kiss)
The National -I’ll still Destroy You- (Sleep Well Beast)
Jogn Hackett Band -Summer Lightening- (We Are Not Alone)
Blue Oyster Cult -Dr Music- (Mirrors)
J Geils Band -Just Can’t Stop Me- (Santuary)
Michael McDonald -If you wanted to hurt Me- (Wide Open)
Sparks -I Wish you were Fun- (Hippopatamus)
Starsailor -Caught in the Middle- (All this Life)

Hour 2

Fairport Convention -A Sailor’s Life- (Unhalfbricking)
Dave Edmunds -I get the Will- (Again)

Queen -My Fairy King- (Queen)
The Waterboys -Didn’t we walk on Water- (Out of all this Blue)
The dhol Foundation -Catch me if you Can- (Basant)
Pink Floyd -Fearless- (Meddle)
REM -Around the Sun- (All around the Sun)
Neil Finn -Independence Day- (Out of Silence)
Future Islands -Beauty of the Road- (The Far Field)
David Crosby -Caught in the Middle- (ll this Life)

Hour 3

Moody Blues -The Day Begins- (Days of Future Past)
Moody Blues -Dawn Dawn is a Feeeling- (Days of Future Past)
Big Big Train -Kingmaker- (A Stones Throw From The Line)
Half Past Four -Mathematics- (Land of the Blind)
Karibow -Inside You- (From here to the Impossible)
Iain Jennings -Give You My Name- (The House)
Mystery -Shadow of the Lake- (Destiny)
Tangerine Dream -Sequence IV- (Patrolling Space Borders)