Mostly Summer Vol 78 Playlist

Back into the music vaults again for the first hour.with a little help from my friend Robin.

Hour 1

Tom Petty, Full Moon Fever, is the debut solo studio album by Tom Petty, released on April 24, 1989

Track: Runnin’ Down A dream.

Todd Rundgren, Something/Anything? is the third album by American musician Todd Rundgren, released in February 1972. It was his first double album,

Track:I saw the light

Tina Turner, Break Every Rule is the sixth solo studio album by Tina Turner, released through Capitol Records in 1986.

Track: Typical Male

Timothy B Schmitt, n American musician, singer, and songwriter. He has performed as the bassist and vocalist for Poco and the Eagles,  Expando is the fifth studio album released by American musician Timothy B. Schmit. The album was released on October 20, 2009

Track: White Boy From Sacramento


Throwing Muses, is an alternative rock band, The group was originally fronted by two lead singers, Kristin Hersh and Tanya Donelly (stepsisters), Throwing Muses is the 1986 debut album of the band Throwing Muses

Track: hate My Way

Thin Lizzy, were a hard rock band formed in Dublin, Ireland, in 1969 Nightlife is the fourth studio album by Irish band Thin Lizzy, released in 1974

Track: She Knows

Thea Gilmore, John Wesley Harding, her 12th album, 2011, She pays further respect to one of her biggest influences,Bob Dylan  by recording the entirety of his 1967 eighth studio album, John Wesley Harding.

Track: All along the watchtower

The Kiki Dee Band, I’ve Got The Music in Me, 1974

Track: I’ve Got The Music in Me


The Who, 2012 box set The Studio Albums

Track: Don’t let go the coat

The White Buffalo, is the professional stage name of American musician and singer/songwriter Jake Smith Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways was his 4th album , 2013

Track: Don’t You want it

The Roumer, were an English rock band in the late 1970s and early 1980s. They are best known as the backup band for Graham Parker, whose early records (from 1976 to 1980) were credited to Graham Parker & The Rumour , Frogs Sprout Clogs and Krauts was their 2nd album,1979

Track: Loving You

The Reasoning, were a welsh progressive rock band, Acoustically Speaking, was their 3rd album, 2010

Track: The Thirteenth Hour

Hour 2

Show of Hands their 18th album Battlefield Dance Floor.

Track: No Secrets

Gerry Beckley is an American singer, songwriter, and musician, and a founding member of the band America, his 8th album Gerry Beckley – Five Mile Road (2019)

Rack: Love Secrets

The Brothers, Landreth, from their album, ‘87


Edd Donovan and his latest album Guardians of our Time

Track: Folk Man Blues


Sturgill Simpson, is an American country music singer-songwriter and actor, Sound & Fury is the fourth studio album by American singer-songwriter Sturgill Simpson, released through Elektra Records on September 27,

Track: All said and Done

Temples are an English rock band, formed in Kettering, Northamptonshire in 2012, their 3rd album Hot Motion (27 September 2019)

Track:  Not Quite the Same

Beth Hart, War on My Mind is the ninth solo studio album by American singer-songwriter Beth Hart, released on September 27, 2019

Track: Try A Little Harder

Boy & Bear is an Australian indie rock-folk music band formed in 2009, their 4th album, Stuck on Light

Track: Long Long Way


Chase the Monsoon, from album No Ordinary World

This is ex-Karnataka man Ian Jones’ band (or collaborative music project), which also includes musician-producer Steve Evans (who produced Karnataka’s Delicate Flame of Desire album),  guitarist Ian Simmons and singer-songwriter Lisa Fury. Debut album, out now.

Track: Into The Light

Show of Hands their 18th album Battlefield Dance Floor.

Track: Lost

Edd Donovan and his latest album Guardians of our Time

Track: Bowerbird (where the light Gets in )

Kris Barras Band from their debut album Light It Up

Track: Counterfeit People