Mostly Summer Show 122 playlist

AC/DC – “A Shot In the Dark” from album Power Up

This will be their seventeenth album, and sees the return of not only frontman Brian Johnson, but drummer Phil Rudd and bass player Cliff Williams – all of whom had apparently left  before or after the tour for their previous album, 2014’s Rock or Bust. It’s also their first album since the passing of founder member  Malcolm Young in 2017. The release date is set for 13th November.

Blue Öyster Cult – “Train True (Lennie’s Song)” from album The Symbol Remains

Here’s another track from the veteran American band’s comeback album – their first since 2001 and fifteenth overall. It’s out now.

Future Islands – “Waking” album As Long As You Are

An American band based in Baltimore, Maryland, fronted by dramatic vocalist Samuel T. Herring. Their sixth album was released on 9th October.

Travis – “Nina’s Song” from album 10 Songs

The Scottish band finally release their ninth studio album after having drip fed most it (6 out of 10 tracks) as ‘pre-releases’ since December last year. This is one of the songs not already pre-released.

Snowy White – “One More Traveller” from album Something On Me

The British singer-songwriter-guitarist gets to release his ninetieth studio album (9th October). Terence “Snowy” White had a short stint in Thin Lizzy before launching a solo career in 1983 with his White Flames album, which contained his best known song “Bird of Paradise”.

Bon Jovi – “Let It Rain” from album 2020

At last they’ve managed to get the album out the door! Had they left it much longer they’d have to change its name.  Fifteenth studio finally released on 2nd October.

Dead Daisies – “Bustle and Flow” from album Holy Ground

Some solid rock from an international supergroup currently fronted by former Trapeze and Deep Purple man Glenn Hughes. Formed in Australia by guitarist David Lowy in 2013, the band’s revolving door nature has seen all founder members gradually replaced barring Lowy himself. This is from thir fifth studio album, which is set for release in January of 2021.

Drive-By Truckers – “The Perilous Night” from album The New OK

An alt-country/Southern rock band based in Athens, Georgia who we’ve featured several times over the past few years. This is from their thirteenth studio album, which is out now.

Smashing Pumpkins – “Wrath” from album CYR

The American alt-rock band were formed in from Chicago in 1998, and released a number of best selling albums in the 1990s until splitting at the end of 2000. They reformed in 2006 for Zeitgeist, and  have released three further albums since then. This will be their eleventh studio album when released on 27th November. ‘CYR’ apparently comes from old Greek meaning “King” or “Leader.”

Fish – “This Party’s Over” from album Weltschmerz

Derek Dick returns after seven years with a new album – his eleventh. The album title means a feeling of melancholy and world-weariness and his billed as his final album. It’s out now. Note: The lyric in this song ‘Fob me off’ could be misinterpreted due to Fish’s accent. If anybody queries it tell them the word is ‘Fob’.

Fleet Foxes – “Can I Believe You” from album Shore

An American indie folk band from Seattle, Washington, led by singer-songwriter Robin Pecknold. This is from their fourth studio album, which is out now.

Pride of Lions – “Lion Heart” from album Lion Heart

Here’s the title track to the American melodic rock band’s eighth studio album, from where we recently featured the track “Carry Me Back”. They are fronted by former Survivor founder/keyboard player Jim Peterik. The release date is 9th October.