The Mystery Train Show Playlist 12th November 2017

Hour 1
Sturgill Simpson -Keep it between the Lines- (A Sailors guide to Earth)
Simple Minds -Long Black Train- (Acoustic)
Sting -Heading South on the Great North Road- (57th and 9th)
Balsamo Deighton -Ride it- (Unfolding)
Odin Butterfly -Witches Promise- (Offerings)
Black Feathers -Winter Moves In- (Soaked to the Bone)
Aofie O’Donovan -Detour Sign- (In the Magic Hour)
Gill Sandell -Fruits of the Season- (Songs of the years)
Mantra Vega -Lake Sunday- (The Illousions Reckoning)
Green River Ordinance -You me and the Sea- (Fifteen)
Megson -Good Times will Come Again- (Good Times will Come Again)
Paul SImon -The Riverbank- (Stranger to Stranger)

Hour 2
Bob Marley -Stop That Train- (Catch a Fire)
Tanita Tikaram -Glass Love Train- (Closer to the People)
Joan Osborne -Tryin’ to get to Heaven- (Songs of Bob Dylan)
Colin Blunstone -The best is yet To Come- (On the air Tonight)
Panic Room -Moon on the Water- (Essence)
Agnes Obel -Fuel to Fire- (Aventine)
Big Big Train -Telling the Bees- (Folklore)
Sam Kelly -When the Reivers Call- (Pretty Polly)
Runrig -The Story- (The Story)
Skipinnish -Home on the Sea- (The Seventh Wave)
Steve Hacket -Other side of the Wall- (The Night Siren)
Miranda Sykes -Ready for the Storm- (Borrowed Places)