The Mystery Train Show on 17th December 2017

Leo Sayer -Train- (Just a Boy)
Little Sparrow -Tender-
Dan Hartland -Loved & Lonely- (Great Novels)
Doville Lee -Forgive Me- (My Fairytale)
Luna Rossa -Christmastime-
Emi McDade -Illusions-
Lowri Evans & Lee Mason -This Year- (A Little Bit of Everything)
Buffy St Marie -Little Wheel Spin and Spin- (Medicine Songs)
U2 -Love is all we have left- (Songs of Experience)
The Levellers -McGee- (We the Collective)
Trees -Lady Margaret- (The Garden of Jane Delawney)
Affinity -Long Voyage- (Affinity)

Tobias Ben Jacob -If any Dream Survives- (A Polyphonic Life)
Emily Barker -If we forgot to Dance- (Sweet Kind of Blue)
Hatti Briggs -Beauty and the Beast- (Be my Guest)
Ron Sexsmith -Who we are Right Now- (The Last Rider)
America -Children- (America)
America -Three Roses- (America)
America -Clarice- (America)
Dan Fogalberg -Hard to Say- (The Innocent Age)
Carousel -Show- (Carousel)
Cousteau -Season of You- (Cousteau X)
Kenny Loggins -Celebrate Me Home- (Celebrate Me Home)
Moody Blues -Nights in White Satin- (Days of Future Past)