The Mystery Train Show 3rd December 2017

On on 3rd December 2017 10 pm till Midnight

Al Stewert -Trains- (Famous Last Words)
First Aid Kit -Winter is all over You- (he Big Black and the Blue)
Imogen Heap -You know where to find Me- (Sparks)
Nick Heywood -For Always- (Woodland Echoes)
Emily Barker -Ropes- (Almanac)
Ethemia -Katie Kate- (Quirk of Fate)
Hatti Briggs -You only live Once- (Young Runaway)
Edd Donovan -Are you going the same Way- (Making Mountains Vol 1)
Eleanor McEvoy -Take you Home- (I’d rather go Blonde)
Emily Smith -John O’Dreams- (Echos)
Janis Ian -Lovers Lullaby- (Return the Lines)
Bella Hardy -Learn to let Go- (Hey Sammy)

America -Sleeper Train- (Hourglass)

Boz Scaggs -Hard to Say- (Tribute to Dan Fogalberg)
Michael McDoald -Better Changes- (Tribute to Dan Fogalberg)
The Wallin’ Jennys -Wildflowers- (Fifteen)
Simon & Garfunkle -Overs- (Bookends)
Simon & Garfunkle -You don’t know where you \interest lies- (Bookends)
Simon & Garfunkle -America- (Bookends)
Eva Cassidy -American Dream- (American Tune)
Magenta -Wounderous Stories-
Death cab for Cutie -Brother on a Hotel Bed- (Plans)
The Finns Brothers -Disembodied Voices- (Everyone is Here)
London Grammer -Night Call- (If you Wait)
Rab Noakes -Clear Day- (Red Dump Special)
Martin Stephenson -Every kind of Heaven- (Bayswater Road)