The Mystery Train Show 29th October 2017

Mystery Train Show on 29th October 2017

Melissa Etheridge -Memphis Train- (Memphis Rock and Soul)
Little Feet -Two Trains- (Dixie Chicken)
Dan Fogalberg -The Reach- (Portrate)
Timothy B Schmitt -Tell me what you Dream- (Playin’ it Cool)
Emily Barker -All Love Knows- (The Toerag Sessions)
Hatti Briggs -A Beautiful Mind- (Red and Gold)
Heather Findlay -Winter is King- (I am Snow)
Anne Marie Helder -Blood red Sky- (The Contact)
Cara Dillion -Sailor Boy- (Wanderer)
Amy Newton -Turn Things Around- (Turn Things Around)
Christina Booth -Way back in my Heart- (Broken Lives)
Lindesfarne -Train in G Major- (Fog on the Tyne)
Alexis Korner -Steamline Train- (Alexis Korner Blues Collection)
The Jar Family -In for a Penny- (Family First)
It’s a Beautiful Day -Hot Summer Day- (It’s a Beautiful Day)
Lisbee Stainton -Undertow- (Lisbee Live)
Waking the Witch -Yorkshire Boy- (Boys from the Abattoir)
Jackson Browne -Lives in the Balance- (Lives in the Balance)
Heart -Stairway to Heaven- (Little Queen)
The Eagles -Waiting in the Weeds- (Long road out of Eden)
Anglefire -Feelings are over Rated- (Anglefire)
Jamestown Story -Flashbacks- (Flashbacks)