Radio Caroline Show 20th feb 2021 playlist

Hour 1

Cheap trick  American rock band from Rockford, Illinois, formed in 1973 , We’re all alright, the eighteenth studio album by American rock band Cheap Trick. It was released on June 16, 2017

Track: The Rest of my Life

Reo Speed wagon American rock band from Champaign, Illinois. Formed in 1967 , Find your own way Home the fifteenth studio album by REO Speedwagon. It was produced by Joe Vannelli and Kevin Cronin and was released in 2007

Track: Another Lifetime

Styx American rock band from Chicago that formed in 1972 , The Misson t he sixteenth studio album by the band Styx, released on June 16, 2017

Track: Hundred Million Miles from Home

Air supply a soft rock duo consisting of English singer-songwriter and guitarist Graham Russell and Australian lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock., Mumbo Jumbo, the 17th (and to date, most recent) studio album by English-Australian soft rock band Air Supply, released in 2010 2010

Track: Setting the seen

2016 end of year countdown

6.   18   1/2 Lake Street Dive a multigenre band that was founded in 2004 in Boston, Massachusetts. <Side Pony>t he fifth studio album by Lake Street Dive. It was released through Nonesuch Records on February 19, 2016

Track: – Hell Yeah                       

5.   24   1/5 Jake Bugg English musician, singer, and songwriter.   <On My One> he third studio album by English indie rock singer-songwriter Jake Bugg. The album was released on 17 June 2016

Track: Bitter Salt

4.   23   1/2 Bonnie Raitt American blues singer, guitarist, songwriter          <Dig In Deep> the seventeenth studio album by American singer-songwriter Bonnie Raitt. The album was released on February 26, 2016

Track: Gypsey in Me


A new entry in the Rc Countdown of albums at No 31 , American rock band the Foo Fighters Medicine at Midnight is the tenth studio album by American rock band Foo Fighters. Originally scheduled for 2020, the album was delayed to February 5, 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Track: Making a Fire

Brian Ferry English singer and songwriter , Dylanesque, 2007 the twelfth studio album by Bryan Ferry, the former lead vocalist for Roxy Music.

Track: The Times they are a changing

Mark Knofler British singer-songwriter, guitarist, and record producer. He became known as the lead guitarist, singer and songwriter of the rock band Dire Straits., Privateering 2012t he seventh solo studio album by British singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Knopfler, released on 3 September 2012

Track Corned beef City

Sting English musician, singer, songwriter, and actor. He was the principal songwriter, lead singer, and bassist for new wave rock band the Police from 1977 to 1984 , The last Ship, 2012 the eleventh studio album by English musician Sting, released on 24th September 2013

Track:  ballad of the Great Eastern

A new entry in the Rc Countdown of albums at No 36, Steve Tilston English folk singer-songwriter and guitarist. , Such Times his 18th solo album.

Track: Daylight Rising

A new entry in the Rc Countdown of albums at No 34 OK Human is the fourteenth studio album by American rock band Weezer, released on January 29, 2021

Track: Here comes the Rain

38 special American rock band that was formed in 1974 in Jacksonville, Florida. , Bone against Steel,t he ninth studio album by the southern rock band 38 Special, released in 1991.

Track: Can’t shake it

Hour 2

Moving up 5 place  in the Rc Countdown of albums to  No 27 The Flower Kings a Swedish progressive rock band formed in 1994 , Islands their 14th album

Track: Heart of the Valley

Mystery – Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face is the third studio album by the Canadian rock band Mystery.2007

Track: “As I Am”

Arc of life  featuring 3 current members of the band yes Jon Davidson,  Billy Sherwood, Jay Schrllrn, Arc of life, 2021

Track: The Magic of it all

Downes braiide associates, their 4 album, Halcyon Hymns, 2021

Rack: Your heart will find the way

innovative Israel Band, Scardust’s new album, Strangers. The album was released 30th November 2020

track:  addicted      Noa Gruman (vocals)

From The New Album By ILLUMINAE  Dark Horizons, 2021

Track: Twice


For all the wonderful fans of Kim on here, the following was just posted on the White Star Records page :- 

‘We’ve had a number of people asking us what Kim Seviour is doing at the moment as she has been a bit quiet recently. As many are aware and, as Kim has openly spoken about herself, she has suffered over the years with mental health issues which have often been very debilitating for her. She had been doing well in the last few years but unfortunately had a downturn in her recovery late last year which is still ongoing. She is therefore unlikely to be active for a while but I’m sure you would like to join us in wishing her well and we look forward to seeing her when she is feeling better.

Touchstone,  Joker in the pack, Wintercoast their 2nd album 2009

Kim Seviour debut solo album, Recovery is leavening, 2017,  Connect

Panic room, Screens 2017

Track: Yasuni

Mostly autumn,  Box of tears, 2015

Track: Skin on Skin

Enrico pinna, the dream of the whale 2013

Track: The island

Hour 3

Altered Blues Band, an American five-piece blues band from Minneapolis, Minnesota,   ten Thousand Watts 2019

Track: Right on Right On

Robert Cray, merican blues guitarist and singe,  That’s What I heard his 20th album 2020

Track: My Baby Likes to Boogaloo

Debbie Davis, American blues guitarist.,  I got that Feeling 1997 her 3rd album

Track: I got that Feeling

Koko Taylor, American singer whose style encompassed Chicago blues, electric blues, rhythm and blues and soul blues. I got what it takes 1975 5th album

Track: I got what it takes

Alaister Greene Guitarist, Singer, and Songwrite, The new world Blues his 7th album

Track: Find your way back home

Albert Cummings. American blues musician,  Working man 2006 his 4th album

Track: Workin’ Man Blues

Albert Collins  American electric blues guitarist and singer, Ice pickin’ he sixth studio album released in 1978

Track: Cold, Cold Feelin


Chantel McGreggor, British blues rock guitarist and singer-songwriter,  Lose Control Released: 9 October 2015

Track: Walk on land

Beth Hart American singer, songwriter and musician from Los Angeles, California. ,  War on my Mind, the ninth solo studio album by American singer-songwriter Beth Hart, released on September 27, 2019

Track: I Need a hero

Climax Blues band British blues rock band , The Climax Blues band Plays on (1969) their 2nd album

Track: Hey baby,  everythings Gonna Be alright

Eddie Money American singer and songwriter , Nothing to loose, the seventh studio album by American rock musician Eddie Money. The album was released on October 4, 1988

Track: Walk on Water

Gary Moore Northern Irish musician and songwriter. , Still got the blues the eighth solo studio album by Northern Irish guitarist Gary Moore, released in 1990.

Track: Moving On

Stevie Ray Vaughan, American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer, 1999 , Stevie Ray Vaughan The Real Deal: Greatest Hits, Vol. 2

Track: Rivera Paradise