Radio caroline Show 18th July 2020 Playlist

Hour 1

Blood Moon is the ninth studio album by Australian rock band Cold Chisel. It was released on 6 December 2019,

Track: “Getting the Band Back Together”

Joseph Satriani (born July 15, 1956) (64 years)is an American rock musician, composer, songwriter, and guitar teacher.

Shapeshifting is the seventeenth studio album by guitarist Joe Satriani, released on April 10, 2020, t

Track: Big Distortion

io, Flower Torania 202, band founder Jimmy Pallagrosi had his 36th b’day on 16th july

Track: Straight Up from Underneath

Good night Phil,

Please could  you mention my husband – Alfons – on the 12 of july he has his 54th birthday.

You know in the Netherlands it is an hour later, so please before 23.30 (your time)

Thank you very much.

He loves the music from Journey – after all these years..  – if it’s possible of course

We are always listening at your show.

Kind regards

Alfons and Mariëtte Gigengack

Deventer, a town

in the east part of the Netherlands

After his cardiac arrest April 14, he was in hospital for a week, the first days in intensive care, April 21th he was allowed to go home again

Revelation is the thirteenth studio album by American rock band Journey, and their first with lead singer Arnel Pineda 2008

Track: after all these years

Slow Motion is the eleventh and final studio album by the English rock band Supertramp, released in April 2002.

Track: Slow motion

A new entry in the RC Countdown of albums at No 34,  RaY LAMONTAGNE, an American singer-songwriter and musician. Monovision is the eighth studio album by Ray LaMontagne, released on June 26, 2020

Track: I was born to Love You


Dukes of the Orient are an English and American AOR and progressive rock band formed in 2017 by lead vocalist, guitarist and bassist John Payne and keyboardist Erik Norlander, their debut album, Dukes of the Orient 2018, their 2nd album will be released in August.

Track: Strange Days

Jefferson Starship is an American rock band from San Francisco, California that evolved out of the group Jefferson Airplane, has announced the release of their new EP, Mother of the Sun, their first collection of new songs in 12 years.

Track: It’s about time

The Absence of Presence is the sixteenth studio album by American progressive rock band Kansas. The album was originally due to be released on June 26, 2020,[1] but due to manufacturing delays the release date was postponed to July 17, 2020

Track: Memories down the Line

Paul n Weller is an English singer-songwriter and musician. Weller achieved fame with the punk rock/new wave/mod revival band The Jam. He had further success with the blue-eyed soul music of The Style Council (1983–1989), before establishing himself as a solo artist in 1991. On Sunset is the fifteenth studio album by English singer-songwriter Paul Weller. It was originally scheduled for release on 12 June 2020, but got pushed back to 3 July 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic

Track: Baptiste

Firetiger is an American power pop band from Los Angeles, California, fronted by singer Tiffany Alkouri, keyboardist James Ramsey, guitarist Jordan Lucas, bassist Chris Cuomo, and drummer Tyler Moore.Their 3rd album All the time

Track: Undeniable

Magnus Karlsson (born 26 November 1973) is a Swedish heavy metal songwriter, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer. He is currently a session musician and songwriter of the band Primal Fear, as well as for other projects like his own Magnus Karlsson Free Fall. Their 3rd album We Are The Night (2020)

Track: All the way to the stars

Hour 2

Moonlight Haze, is a power symphonic metal band from Italy founded in 2018 Lunaris their latest album

Track: Without You

Starcastle, an American progressive rock band from Champaign, Illinois,

Starcastle is the first studio album, 1976

Track: To The Fire wind

Riversea, was formed by duo Marc Atkinson (vocals, guitars) and Brendan Eyre (keyoboards) The Tide, 2018

Track: The Tide

Moon Halo, a new band comprising of Marc Atkinson (Riversea) Iain Jennings (Mostly Autumn) and David Clements (Riversea) as well as guests Martin Ledger (Heather Findlay band) Alex Cromarty (ex Mostly Autumn/Riversea) Anne Marie Helder (Panic Room) and Olivia Sparnenn-Josh (Mostly Autumn)

 Chroma their debut album, 2020

Track: Let Me Out

Panic Room , Satellite their 2nd album 2010

Track: The Fall


Southern Empire, Southern empire their debut alum 2016

Track: Dreams and Machines

Magenta, The Lost Reel, remixes from the back catalogue 2020

Track: Man The Machine

United Progressive Fraternity, Fall in Love with the world, 2014

Track: Intersection

Tangerine Dream, Force Majeure is the twelfth major release and the ninth studio album by the German group Tangerine Dream, 1979.

Track: Cloud burst flight

Hour 3

Savoy Brown – “Devils Highway” from album Ain’t Done Yet

Kim Simmonds and his band return yet again (you can’t keep a good bluesman down) with their 41st album on 28th August.

Walter Trout – “Wanna Dance” from album Ordinary Madness

Big Walt (although not as big as he used to be before his operation) returns with his tenth (solo) studio album on 28th August

José Ramirez – “Stop Teasing Me” from album Here I Come

A Costa Rican blues artist now based in the United States. This is the singer-songwriter-guitarist’s debut album, and is out now.

70’s influenced young New Zealand artist – Christopher Justin – 19 yr old singer/songwriter/guitarist – his fourth coming album

Track: One Last Time

Robert Jon and the wreck,  last Light on the Highway their 8th album

Track: Oh Miss Carolina

Bridget Kelly Band, Dark Space her fifth release as a blues rock diva

Track: Free me

Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne is an American blues, boogie-woogie and jazz pianist, singer and songwriter. His 10th album Just do It

Track: Sittin’ in my Rockin’ Chair

Jeremy Spencer Ex Fleetwood mac was 72 on July 4th,from the Fleetwooc mac1968 album Mr Wonderful

Track: Need Your Love tonight

Mavis Staples an American rhythm and blues and gospel singer, actress, and civil rights activist.was 81 on 10th july ,  Livin’ on a High Note is the tenth solo studio album by American musician Mavis Staples. It was released in February 2016

Track: Take us Back

Dion will be  81 on july 18th,  HisLatest album Blues with friends

Track: I Got the Cure

Buddy Guy American blues guitarist and singer will be 84 on July 30th

 Bring ‘Em In is the 13th studio album by blues musician Buddy Guy, released in 2005 on Silvertone Records. The album is made up almost entirely of songs covered by Buddy Guy, containing only one original composition by the artist.

Track: Smell The Funk

Albert Cummings, an American blues musician  Believe his 8th studio album 2020

Track: Hold On

Ronnie Earl (is an American blues guitarist and music instructor. His 4th album 1990 Peace of Mind

Track: Waynes’ Blues