Radio Caroline Show 13th March 2021 playlist.

Hour 1

March 11: George Kooymans (Golden Earring) (1948) 73 In February, 2021, Kooymans announced that he was suffering from Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and would retire. , Golden Earring 2015         The Hague

Track: That’s why I believe in Her

March 2: Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) (1957) 65, an English musician who is the bassist, keyboardist, backing vocalist, primary songwriter and founder/leader of heavy metal band Iron Maiden. He has been the band’s only constant member since their inception in 1975, British Lion is the debut solo album from Steve Harris, best known as the bassist and primary songwriter for the British heavy metal band Iron Maiden. The album was announced on 18 July 2012 and released on 24 September

track: These are the Hands

2019 end of year count down

6.    32   1/4  Hozier  is an Irish singer-songwriter and musician. Hozier’s music primarily draws from folk, soul and blues genres,         Wasteland, Baby! is the second studio album by Irish musician Hozier, released on 1 March 2019

 Track: BE

5.    19   1/2  Rebecca Downes ,    blues/rock artist based in Birmingham, UK,

-More Sinner Than Saint    her  third studio album

Track: Hurts

4.    22   1/4  Foals, an English rock band from Oxford, formed in 2005                <Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost>the fifth studio album by British rock band Foals. It was released on 8 March 2019

Track: On the Luna

March 10: Edie Brickell (1966)55, move up 6 place to No 28 in the Rc Countdown of albums with her  8th album with the Bohemians, Hunter and the Dog Star (2021)

Track: Don’t get into bed dirty


Smith/Kotzen is the name of a musical collaboration between musicians Adrian Smith, of Iron Maiden, and Richie Kotzen, of The Winery Dogs. They are due to release their self-titled debut album Smith/Kotzen in March 2021, described by the Ultimate Classic Rock as a mix of “blues, hard rock, traditional R&B and more.”

Track: Scars

A new entry in the Rc Countdown of albums at No34 Steve Lukather anf his 9th solo album Found the sun again

Track: Serpent Soul

A new entry at No33 in the Rc countdown of albums  Kings of Leon When You See Yourself is the eighth studio album by American rock band Kings of Leon. It was released on March 5, 2021

Track: “When You See Yourself, Are You Far Away”

Camel, A Live Record 2002

Track: First Light, recorded at the Colston Hall Bristol

Barclay james harvest, Glasnost (1988)

Track: On the Wings of Love

Hour 2

Magenta their 14th studio album Masters of Illusion (1 July 2020)

Track: Reach for the Moon

MostlyAutumn thie 13th studio album White Rainbow (2019)

Track: western skies

Panic room their 3rd album SKIN (2012)

Track: Chances

Luna rossa, their 3rd album Atropa 2018

Track Invisible


3 colours dark, the science of Goodbye, 2020

Track: Wonderland (how can this be love)

Karnataka, Secrets of Angels released on 7 March 2015

Track: Fairytale Lies

Chasing the monsoon, No ordinary World, 2019

Track: Love will find you

Illuminae, Dark Horizons, 2021

Track: Santuary

Renaissance Scheherazade and Other Stories, 1975

Track: Ocean Gypsey

Hour 3

Bad Company, Rough Diamonds, the sixth studio album by the English rock band Bad Company. The album was released in August 1982.

Track: Electricland

Savoy Brown, Witchy Fellin’ 2017, their 41st album

Track: Why Did you Hoodoo me

Stan Webb Chicken shack,  Going up Going Down, The anthology 1966 -2001

Track: Poor Boy

Love Scuplture, Blues Helping, 1969 debut album

Track: 3 O’clock Blues

Julian Sas , Dutch blues rock guitarist  Dutch blues rock guitarist, 1999, his 3rd album for the lost and Found

Track:Blues for the lost and Found,


Peter Frampton All Blues, 2019 his 20th album

Track: She caught the Katy

Blues Company the german blues band, Ain’t Giving Up, 2019 their 27th album

Track: Waiting for Spring time

Fiona Boyes, an Australian blues musician. She has been recording for more than 25 years and tours regularly in Australia, the United States, and Europe

 Box and Dice2015 her 17th album

Track: Juke joint on Moses lane

Ally venables, heart of Fire

Track: Played the Game

Jay Stapley, Ambient Blue

Track: The Lump