Radio Caroline Show 13th June 2020

Hour 1

It’s World Gin day.

ZZ Top, whose member Drummer Frank Beard who was 71 this week

Eliminator is the eighth studio album by the Texas rock band ZZ Top. It was released on March 23, 1983

Track: Got Me Under Pressure

Boz Scaggs who was 76 this week. Silk Degrees the seventh album by Boz Scaggs, released on Columbia Records in 1976.

Track: Jump Street

50 Steely Dan Aja

Aja (/ˈeɪʒə/, pronounced Asia) is the sixth studio album by the jazz rock band Steely Dan. Originally released in 1977

Track: Peg

49 fairport Convention Leige and Lief

Liege & Lief is the fourth album by the English folk rock band Fairport Convention. It is the third album the group released in the UK during 1969, all of which prominently feature Sandy Denny as lead female vocalis tFairport Convention

Track: – the lark in the morning, rakish paddy, fox-hunter’s jig (medley)

48 Supertramp Crime of the Century

Crime of the Century is the third studio album by the English rock band Supertramp, released in September 1974


A new entry in the RC Countdown of albums at No 39 The Vapors, Together their 3rd album their first in 39 years

Track: Sundown River

A new entry in the RC Countdown of albums at No 35 Duncan Reid and the Big Heads, Don’t blame yourself, their 4th album

Track: Tea and Sympathy


New Music from Larkin Poe, their 5th album, Self Made Man (2020):

Track: Back Down South

Another Birthday this week, Mick Box of Uriah Heep(73), Into the Wild is the 22nd studio album by the British rock band Uriah Heep. It was t released in April 2011

Track: Believe

Dennis Deyoung, an American singer-songwriter, musician and producer. Best known for being a founding member of the rock band Styx as primary lead vocalist and keyboardist, his 9th solo album 26 East : Volume 1 (2020)

Track: Unbroken

Another Birthday this week  Ronnie Wood (73), best known as a member of The Rolling Stones since 1975, as well as a member of Faces and the Jeff Beck Group.

1234 is the fourth solo album by English musician Ronnie Wood, released in September 1981, also on the album was birthday man Rolling Stone  Charlie Watts who was 79 this week

Track:  Outlaws

Nick Corbin was the singer and main songwriter of New Street Adventure, Corbin returns with his debut solo album, “Sweet Escape”,

Track: Long Long Gone

One Desire. Melodic rock band from Finland, their new album Midnight Empire

Track: After You’re Gone

Hour 2

This Winter Machine, n English progressive rock band from West Yorkshire, Their 2nd album A Tower of Clocks (2018)

Track: Herald

Satellite is a Polish progressive rock band. It was founded in 2000 by college drummer Wojtek Szadkowski as a quartet, with Sarhan Kubeisi on guitar, Robert Amirian as vocalist and bassist, and Krzysiek Palczewski on keyboards.

From their album Nostalgia 2009, suggested by Hans Kramers

Track: Every Desert Got Its Ocean

IO Earth, Aura,  their new album

Track: Waterfall


Time for a few Live Tracks

Magenta, Live at The Point 2007, released in 2008

Track: The Journey

Mostly Autumn, Box of tears, 2015

Track: First day at School

Touchstone, Live in the USA, 2010

Track: Strange days

Karnataka, New Light, 2012

Track: Your World

Hour 3

This Sunday, the 14th of June marks the 25th anniversary of Rory’s Gallaghers  untimely passing.

Calling card, the eighth album by Irish singer/guitarist Rory Gallagher. A 1976 release

Track: MoonChild

Defender the thirteenth album and tenth studio album by Irish musician Rory Gallagher 1987

Track: Loan Shark Blues

Derek Trucks was 41 last week,

Already Free the sixth studio album by The Derek Trucks Band. It was released in, 2009

Track: Something to make you happy

Freddie King, Getting ready his 11th album, 1971

Track: Same Old Blues

Jeff Beck, You had it Coming is the eighth studio album by guitarist Jeff Beck, released on 6 February 2001

Track: Rollin; and Tumblin’ Singer Imogen Heap is featured on “Rollin’ and Tumblin'”

Joe Bonamassa, Blues Deluxe the third studio album by American blues-rock musician Joe Bonamassa.2003

Track: Blues Deluxe


John Mayall & The BlueBreakers

Bluebrekers a lso known as The Beano Album, is the debut studio album by the English blues rock band John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers, released in 1966

Track: All Your Love ft Eric Clapton

Steve Ray Vaughan, Texas Road the debut studio album by the American blues rock band Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, released on June 13, 1983

Track: Texas Flood

 Canned Heat, Canned Heat is the 1967 debut album by Canned Heat.

Track: Goin’ Down Slow

Chicken Shack, The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions 2006

Track: The Way It Is,

Jose Ramirez, Costa Rica born, now in Washington, latest album Here I Come

Tack: Stop Teasing Me

Bridget Kelly Band, an American singer and songwriter from New York City her 6th album just released Dark Spaces

Track: In The Spirit (souls in the River)