14th July 2012

Its another wet weekend, so little to do, but listen to the good old wireless(internet version), to Radio Caroline, so great music all day long.  I’m on at 10pm, with…

12th July 2012

Well Friday the 13th looms, hope it’s Lucky for everyone, and if you and I survive the day why not tune into SevernFM to my “Elbum” Show @ 8pm till…

11th July 2012

well just a reminder that I’m on the early breakfast show on Radio Caroline Thursday morning @ 6am UK time. Tune into www.radiocaroline.co.uk

7th July 2012

Another night on Radio Caroline, some excellent tune I must say, Magenta, ITBites, Panic Room,IQ, Squackett, so much new music out there.

6th July 2012

Well another wet day, what a year so far. perhaps its going to be sunny and warm for The Olympics.  Well its arrived, yes The New Mostly Autumn Album, so…

4th July 2012

Wsihing our friends from across the water a happy independence day.  A quiet week so far, hope it stays that way, not too much music arrived this week which gives…

Be carefull

If using social networking sites like Twitter & facebook, just be carefull you get all the details correct before posting, and its best if you haven’t been drinking.

30th June 2012

Well this year is flying by, and the weather is un-settled!!, a few house chores, then sort some tunes for tonights show on Radio Caroline @ 10pm, more later.

29th June 2012

Well its another weekend here already, they come round quicker in the summer.  Tonight I’m back on SevernFM @ 8pm for 2 hours of my “Elbums” , looking at what…

28th June 2012

well I’m back on Radio Caroline @ 6am for the early breakfast show, tune into www.radiocaroline.co.uk