Mystery Train Show 22nd October 2017 on

Grateful Dead -Casey Jones- (Working Man’s Dead)
Cat Stevens -Peace train- (Teaser and the Firecat)
Clifford T Ward -The Traveller- (Home Thoughts From Abroad)
Chris deBurgh -The Getaway- (The Getaway)
Amy MacDonald -Prepare to Fall- (Under Stars)
Hiss Golden Messenger -Lost out in the Darkness- (Hallelugh Anyhow)
JP Cooper -We were raised under Grey Skies- (Raised under Grey Skies)
Capercallie -Black Fields- (Secret People)
Willie Nile -Love minus Zero:No Limit- (Positivly Bob)
Joan Osborne -Dark Eyes- (Songs od Dylan)
Charlie Daniels Band -Gotta Serve Somebody- (Off the Grid Doin’ it Dylan)

Nick Drake -Tomorrow is a Long Time- (Family Tree)
The Byrds -My back Pages- (Greatest Hits)

Rolling Stones -All Down the Line- (Exileon Main Street)
Allman Brothers -All Night Train- (Where it all Begins)
Alan Reed -Never Too Late- (First in a Field of One)
Steve Morse Sarah Spencer -Far Gone Now- (Anglefire)
Bond -Kashmir- (Shine)
Far Corporation -Stairway to Heaven- (Division One)
Blackmore’s Night -Ghost of a Rose- (Beyond the Sunset)
Nick Mulvey -In your Hands- (Wake up Now)
Jamie Lawson -Love come Down- (Happy Accidents)
The Barr Brothers -You would have to loose your Mind- (Queen of the Breakers)