About Phil Meek

Has always been interested in Radio since his parents introduced him to Radio Luxemburg.  The Pirate Radio era of the late 60’s introduced a new arena of music.  Radio Caroline being my favourite station, now I am lucky enough to be doing some programs on air, as well as maintaining the radio ship Ross Revenge, last sea home of the station.

I believe in Community Radio as well, as the original idea of local commercial stations has been scuppered by large groups. They are a better source for local news and events, so please support your local community radio station.

You can Catch me on Radio Caroline Saturday’s 10 pm till01.00, Dean Radio Monday’s 8pm till 10 pm, SevernFM Sunday’s 10 pm till Midnight, Wednesday 8pm till 10pm and Fridays 9pm till 11pm. On Thursdays on Mystery Train Radio from 9pm till 11pm

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